Back in Business?

I just acquired a fancy-schmancy new all-in-one printer/scanner/fax with (wait for it) an 11″x17″ scan bed.  So we’re back in business.  Well, we will be soon anyway.  Time to start taking a look at where we go from here.  That’s the plan.

Here’s the deal, also.  I know a lot of you have posted comments and sent me e-mails to which I have not responded.  I probably won’t for past messages.  Going forward, I will do better at this.

I still can’t appraise your collection or issues or compilations.  They’re worth what you can get for them.  Right now I’m also NOT interested in acquiring any additional material.  I have a literal stack of stuff that I need to get scanned in and published first.  Once that’s getting close to done I’ll start looking at finding more.

Oh, and there’s a Facebook page for the site now, too.  … give it a like.

Since the old library no longer functions at all due to software incompatibility I’ve removed the link altogether.  Don’t worry, I’ll see that everything (well maybe not the newspapers) gets put back up here if it isn’t already.

Time for a Remodel

Well, I finally did it.  Moved the old site over to WordPress.  There are still a lot of files in the old coppermine-based library, so I’m leaving it up for the time being, but once I get all those files moved into here and properly annotated then it will go away as well….

Right now, I don’t need any issues, I don’t even have my entire stack scanned yet…. Maybe when I get those complete we can talk.

And I still can’t “appraise” your copy of The Youth’s Companion remotely over the internet…  Sorry.

Enjoy, and if you noticed anything horribly broken please report it to me!