December 23rd, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 52

The Youth's Companion - December 23rd, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 52
  • Two of a Kind, by Roe L. Hendrick, drawings by O.F. Howard
  • Chief Longfeather’s Christmas Tree, by Anne McQueen, drawings by Rodney Thomson
  • A Walk in the Woods in Winter, Part One, by Wardon A. Curtis, drawings by Arthur Bartlett
  • Suzanne, Ch. 2, Angele meets a good friend, by Edith Barnard, Delano, drawn by F.R. Gruger
  • Failing to Spike the Lever, by Harold T. Chesbrough, drawn by W.F. Stecher
  • Fact and Comment, Importing Foreign Quarrels, The Tariff, The Unknown God, Prices, Supporting Prices Artificially
  • The Companion in the New Year, Current Events
  • Home-Products Day, by Grace Atherton Dennon
  • Untempted Righteousness, Sophie, Roman Antiquities in Tunisia, The Mountains of the Sea, A Scissor, The Wild Ride of an Eagle, An Old-Time Blast Furnace, A Scotch Egg’s Worth, The Hypnotic Bugler
  • Fiddlesticks, by Louise Ayres Garnett, drawn by Bertha Stone
  • The Curious Christmas Tree, by Margaret Ely Webb
  • The Little Sheep of Bethlehem, by Elizabeth Thornton Turner
  • The Stranger, by Harrison Long, drawn by Marguerite Kaeselau
  • Christmas Shopping, by Virginia Stanard
  • The December Stars, A Girl’s Quick Wit, Sauce for the “Grouch”
  • Blue Babies, Lilybel’s Reason, A Ride in a Pampas Coach, A Newspaper Dog, A True Philospher, “Me and the Prince”, An Indiscreet Admission
  • “Clock or Hour Glass?”, P and G – The White Naphtha Soap, full page ad.

December 16th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 51

The Youth's Companion - December 16th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 51
  • Historic Milestones Cover: Daniel Boone
  • Wilson Ham Full Page Ad
  • Suzanne, Ch. 1, The Germans come, by Edith Barnard Delano, drawn by F.R. Gruger
  • The Day of Days, by Charles Reynolds Brown
  • The Emmonses’ Christmas, by Rebecca T. Hodges, drawn by Dudley Gloyne Summers
  • In the Days of Old Mehitable, by C.A. Stephens, drawn by W.F. Stecher
  • Torpedoed Without Warning, Ch. 5, Garfield startles his companions, by Paul Telford Platt, drawn by George Varian
  • Fact and Comment, The League Meets, The Useful Yeast, The Children of Europe, The Fall of Venizelos, Lessons of the Shipping Board, The Civil Service
  • Current Events
  • Ploughed Under, An “Eyot”, How They Saved the Ainsdale, Hunting With a Crazy Quilt, Mr. Peaslee on Back Roads, Japanese House Inscriptions, The Whistling Intruder, Four Years of Dirt
  • The Star, by Katharine Lee Bates, decoration by W.A. Dwiggins
  • A Christmas Baby, by Isabel Fiske Conant, drawn by Gertrude Kay
  • Tuck’s Adventure, by Agnes M. Bass
  • The Prideful Tree, by Mary Carolyn Davies
  • The Surprise Box, by Edith Ludwell Laurence, drawn by Bertha Stone
  • Stamps to Stick, “Structo Toys” ad
  • The Hats of Long Ago, Glass in a Fir Tree, An Example in Kindness
  • The Plague, The Sign in the Window, His Scottish Blessing, Artillery Sniping, The Baby Hippo by Stella V. Kellerman, Strawberries and Cream and a Moral, He Seemed Very Old to Her
  • Jell-O full page ad
  • Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pen full page ad

December 9th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 50

The Youth's Companion - December 9th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 50
  • Heart’s Desire, by Beth B. Gilchrist, drawings by May Aiken
  • The Fighting Visitor, by Hugh F. Grinstead, drawn by R.L. Lambdin
  • The Outwitting of Mrs. Wiersema, by J. Grace Walker, drawn by F. Strothmann
  • Economic Freedom, by Logan G. McPherson
  • Torpedoed Without Warning, Ch. 4, Things appear and vanish, by Paul Telford Platt, drawn by George Varian
  • Fact and Comment, The Partition of Turkey, Fiume, Drudgery, The “Solid South”, Seven New “Immortals”
  • Current Events
  • The Hill of Yesterday, by Gertrude West
  • The Cricket in New York, Silent Service, Inside “Old Mose’s” Trap, “Positive” Bill Heaton’s Chink, The First Oval Lathe, “Plenty, Thank You!” (Arthur Watss in London Opinion), Situations Wanted by Our Dumb Pets, An Artist’s Bank Account, A Costly Coat
  • A Ringster, by W.E. Nesom
  • Full-page Ad for The Youth’s Companion Home Calendar and Subscription Renewal
  • Family Page for December, Choosing Garments, II. Fabrics, A Sharp Razor, The Road to Fortune
  • Full-page ad for Kodak Cameras, “Among the Christmas Gifts”
  • Girl’s Page for December, Christmas Candlelight, The Gift You Have Forgotten, Distinctive Hair Ornaments, No More “Appropriate” Christmas Gifts, An Easy Way to Bind Magazines, Special Days, Other Ideas for Christmas
  • Boy’s Page for December, Profitable Trapping, III. Beaver and Otter, Developing Your Upper Arm, The Game of Checkers, A Comeback, The Expunged Figure, A Peep-Show Fox, Tiddeldywinks Baseball
  • Shock, “Tain’tasif”
  • Full-page Ad, Ivory Soap Flakes, “The safe way to wash colored blouses”

December 2nd, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 49

The Youth's Companion - December 2nd, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 49
  • Circumstances, by Sally Campbell, drawings by A.O. Scott
  • A Modern Don Quixote, by Charles A. Hoyt, drawings by F. Strothmann
  • Arithmetic: Historic and Prehistoric, by D.N. Lehmer, Professor of Mathematics, University of California
  • Unto This Mountain, by Marianne Gauss, drawn by W.F. Stecher
  • Torpedoed Without Warning, Ch. 3, The painter breaks, by Paul Telford Platt, drawn by George Varian
  • Fact and Comment, The Republican Opportunity, The Chances of the Treaty, The Renewal of Beauty, The Coal Strike Settlement, The Victorious Esperanto, The Unknown Dead
  • The Blacksmith Furnace, Charlotte’s Second Wind, The Challenge, The Mystery Towers of Spithead, Mr. Peaslee as a Fireman, The Cleansing of the Things-Kept-Put-Away, A Tusker Gone Mad!, They Are Not Wearing Them So Much
  • The Jolly Jellyfish, by Pauline Frances Camp, drawings by Gluyas Williams
  • Good Morning and Good-By, by Nancy Byrd Turner, drawn by Elisabeth B. Warren
  • Bobsleds, by Daisy D. Stephenson
  • Tea Time, by Grace Noll Crowell
  • A Disrespectful Dog, A Globe-Trotting Turtle, Answer This
  • Hide and Peep, by Harriette Wilbur, drawn by Walt Harris
  • An “Honest” Smuggler, Washington’s Account Book
  • Nature & Science
  • Jenny’s Ingenuity, The First Kimberley Diamond
  • Nuts to Crack
  • Cyclic Vomiting [Ed: WTF?!], Ashamed, And Then He Added Them Up, Commonplace Children of Geniuses, Why Birds Are Not Electrocuted, Trying Out Chaucer
  • Full Page Ad: Parker “Lucky-Curve” Safety-Sealed Fountain Pens

November 25th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 48

The Youth's Companion - November 25th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 48
  • Western Railrod Historic Milestones Jacket
  • Wilson Ham Ad
  • The Widened Hearth, by Fannie Kilbourne, drawn by Thomas Fogarty
  • Jimmy’s Job, by Edward P. Hendrick, drawn by Rodney Thomson
  • Tales of the Big Woods, By E.E. Harriman, drawn by O.F. Howard
  • A Home For Jack-O’-Lantern, by Edna Tucker Muth, drawings by A.C. Williamson
  • Torpedoed Without Warning, Ch. 2, The crew tie a coat to an oar, by Paul Telford Platt, drawn by George Varian
  • Fact and Comment, The Election, A Solemn Responsibility, Compliment, The Economic Future of Germany, The Grafters
  • Thanksgiving and Wild Game, Current Events, The Converse “Big Nine”
  • The Old Garden, by Abbie Farwell Brown
  • A True Bibliophile, by W.E. Nesom
  • Paying the Price, Aunt Sabina Speaks, The “Lost” Portrait of Lincoln, Butter in a Bag, A Savage Duel, The Witty Prince, The Responsibility For the War, A Wonderful Opportunity, Not Excessive Cleanliness
  • Thanksgiving in Bunnytown, verses and drawing by L.J. Bridgman
  • Birch Tree, by Abbie Farwell Brown
  • The Wonder Nut, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
  • Autumn Song, by Virginia Stanard, drawings by Decie Merwin
  • The Jewelweed, by Alice W. Hamilton
  • The Companion Receipts [Recipes]
  • A Game of Proverbs
  • Convulsions in Children, Gifts and — Gifts, “Californiacs”, When Buffalo Bill Rode to Hounds, Self-Confident Young America, A Diligent Novice, Commercial Candor
  • Books That are Talked About
  • “Kodak as you go.” Full page Eastman Kodak Ad.

November 18th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 47

The Youth's Companion - November 18th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 47
  • American Landmarks Jacket, “The Old Missions of the South West” (exact location not stated)
  • P and G – The White Naphtha Soap, “Egg Beater or Fork?” Full Page Ad
  • Holbrook, “Johnny”, by Edwin Cole, drawn by Lee Townsend
  • The Barrel Trap, by E.E. Harriman, drawings by F. Strothmann
  • The Little Heaven, by John H. Finley, painting by Tompkins Harrison Matteson
  • “Thriends”, by Gardner Hunting, drawn by George Avison
  • A Night in the Ark, by Roe L. Hendrick, drawn by G.A. Harker
  • The Inefficiency of Ellen, by Winifred Kirkland, drawings by May Aiken
  • Torpedoed Without Warning, Ch. 1, The lifeboats are launched, by Paul Telford Platt, drawn by George Varian
  • Fact and Comment, The International Court, The Possibilites of Oil Shale, Thanksgiving, The St. Lawrence Project, Disagreements, New European Alliances
  • Current Events
  • The Last Hunt, by Gertrude West
  • The Kingmakers, Giving Cynthia Good Times, Tsung’s Strange Weapon, The Battle of the Mothers, Our Grandmothers’ Pie Wheels, The “Monkey’s” Gibe, Prophetic Archaeology, The Origin of “Two Bits”, Just Where He Had Left It, Rescued — In What Condition?
  • The Cruise of The Mary Lou, by Nancy Byrd Turner, drawn by Gluyas Williams
  • Paper Magic, by Margaret Ely Webb
  • Whistlebreeches, by Strickland Gillilan, drawn by Mary T. Ayer
  • The Foolish Young Mouse
  • A Forest Combat, A War – The Medical Board
  • Stamps to Stick
  • What They Did Not Know About Crape, Preserving Eggs Without Water Glass, Old-Fashioned Armor, Caw! Caw! Caw! Caw!, Historic Libels, As Meek As a Lion Cub
  • Eye Symptoms of General Diseases, Changing Fashions, A Wise German, Not the Seven-Hour Season, The Confidence of Two Robins, A Metaphorical Orgy, Clever Johnny
  • “Skookum Apples Make Skookum Smiles”, Full Page Ad, Northwestern Fruit Exchange, Seattle, Wash. [Ed: Um, OK…]
  • “The Great American Daily”, Full Page Ad, Cream of Wheat

November 11th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 46

The Youth's Companion -November 11th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 46
  • In The Absence of Mary Hortick, by J. Grace Walker, drawings by Harold Anderson
  • Norah’s Bright Idea, by Marguerite Aspinwall, drawn by C. Williamson
  • When I Acted a Mute, by E.B. Dirking, drawings by Harold Sichel
  • The War-Trail Fort, Ch. 10, The river takes its toll, by James Willard Schultz, drawings by George Varian
  • The Snowslide, by W.A. Bartlett, drawings by W.F. Stecher
  • Fact and Comment, The British Coal Strike, Our Protectorates, The Business Woman, The Russo-Polish Treaty, Hunger Striking, Testing the Breeds
  • Current Events
  • Memorial Trees, by Jeannie Pendleton Hall
  • Lost Opportunity, Transfer Patterns, Curtsy and Kiss, Mr. Peaslee on Heroism, An Adventuring Weasel, The Wrong Kingdom (George Belcher Cartoon), A Victorious King in Exile, The Whole Case For the Birds (from poems by Ralph Hodgson), A Test of Nerve, He Wanted a Full Trip
  • The Face of the Waters, by Louise Ayres Garnett
  • How Indian Summer Came, by Ellen Miller Donaldson
  • A Chord of Wood, by Celia Thornton
  • The Piggish Pig, by Abigail Burton
  • Those Pilgrim Children, by Arthur Guiterman, drawn by Wuanita Smith
  • “I’m patriotic as can be”, cartoon by Walter Wellman [Ed: I really don’t get what this is supposed to be!?]
  • Boys’ Page for November: Profitable Trapping (II. Skunk, Civet Cat, Opossum, Weasel and Ermine), His Recommendation, Tying a String Round a Package, A Way to Copy Prints, How to Develop Your Chest, A Moving Match Trick, The Game of Checkers (New Series)
  • Girls’ Page for November: A Puritan Party, The Hospitable Hour, Christmas Cards That Will Pay, Skiing for Girls, Then-and-There Thrift
  • Family Page for November: Choosing Garments (I. Textiles), Training Children to Obey, Cleaning a Clock at Home, A New Kind of Christmas Giving, Long Division By Addition, An Honest Exchange, The Useful Tin Steamer, How to Make a Doll House, The Godfrey Calla, The Farmer’s Girls, Fun For the Child Who is Getting Well, I-Me-Or-Mine, An Old-Time Game, City-Broke, How to Be An Invalid, A Place For the Children’s Rubbers
  • Lem, (by staff?), drawn by W.F. Stechen
  • Marasmus, The Talisman, Marquis Wheat, An Affectionate Jackdaw, Writing Himself Down an Ass, Poor Shooting!
  • Ivory Soap Flakes Full Page Ad, “Safe for Silks and All Fine Fabrics”

November 4th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 45

The Youth's Companion - November 4th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 45
  • “Announcement Number” – Describing Notable Stories and Articles for 1921
  • “The Family is the Strength of the Nation” cover jacket
  • Tam O’ Shanter Believes in Safety First, by Mabel L. Robinson, drawn by Charles M. Relyea
  • Dawn, by Lena Cagnetta, drawings by J. Scott Williams
  • The Pilgrim Adventurers, by Abbie Farwell Brown, decorations by Robert Martin
  • The War-Trail Fort, Ch. 9, Big Lake calls a council, by James Willard Schultz, drawings by George Varian
  • Kiting a Caquot, by Oran L. Raber, drawn by H.C. Edwards
  • Fact and Comment, Russia and Communism, British Liberals on Ireland, Hatred of Work, The Census, Magellan, Automobile Accidents
  • Current Events
  • November (Football), by Arthur Guiterman
  • The Root of Courage (The Story of a Corporal’s Discovery), In the Shadow, Big Betsey, A Parliament of Women, Russian Noblemen Turned Farmers, The Dowager in Cheyenne, This Must Have Been Grisi’s Company, But They Probably Were Not Linen, It Did Not Help Auntie’s Nerves
  • The Goosey Girl, by Isabel Jamison, drawn by Gertrude Koch
  • The Little Brown People, by Katherine Pope
  • Emily Speak a Piece, by Leila M. Walters
  • The Pantry Race, Verses and Drawings by L.J. Bridgman
  • The Squirrels’ Ball, by Elizabeth Heath Olmstead
  • Splendor and Tragedy, Out of Their Own Mouths, Nuts to Crack
  • Fastrunner, by Maxine Marshton, drawn by Robert Martin
  • Wasting Palsy, Snell’s Theory, Little Bards and British Bays, A Quail’s Queer Family, With Care — This Side Up, He Had All He Needed, Rebuking Childishness
  • Announcement for 1921 The Youth’s Companion, “The list of articles on this page is intended to give readers some indication of the quality and the scope of the material that The Companion plans to publish in 1921.”
  • Borden’s Eagle Brand Advertisement, “More than all other Infant foods combined”

October 28th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 44

The Youth's Companion - October 28th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 44
  • Talents By Agnes Mary Brownell, Drawings by May Aiken
  • What Killed Plato, by C.A. Stephens, Drawn by W.F. Stecher
  • The New Baltic Republics — Lithuania and Finland, by Samuel Eliot Morison, Ph.D
  • The War-Trail Fort, Ch. 8, The Mandans sing their victory song, by James Willard Schultz, Drawings by George Varian
  • The Day the Killers Came, by Alice Stevens Carter, Drawings by Harold Anderson
  • Fact and Comment, President vs. Congress Again, Clean Sport, The Vote of the Women, The Italian Settlement, Studying the Sea
  • Current Events, 1/2 page Westclox ad
  • Saturday, by Gertrude West
  • Unknown by Name, The Way Back, Afire in Mid-Air, Cyrus and Hiram, A Hedgehog Road, Juno’s Parish, Over the River in a Leather Ball, Reason or Instinct, Hugo’s Self-Appreciation, Crossing on the Wires, It Was a New Word to Her
  • October, by Pauline Frances Camp
  • Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater, by Roger Wingfield, Drawn by Nana French Bickford
  • Tam-O’-Shanter, by Alice Ayr Noyes
  • Kitty Wakes Up, by Ethel Bowen White
  • Fiddle-cum-ree, by Louise A. Garnett, Drawn by Mary T. Ayer
  • Stamps to Stick
  • Infantile Scurvy, Beating the Game, How a Fox Showed His Affection, Unappreciated Neighborliness, He Wrote on Inspiration, Anticipating the Speller
  • Cream of Wheat Ad, “The Blocks Tell The Story”, Otto Schneider

October 21st, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 43

The Youth's Companion - October 21st, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 43

This issue is labelled the “regular issue” for October 21st, which means there must have been a “special issue” this week, since the page numbers appear to jump an entire issue since the 14th.

In this edition there is an additional section, where the publishers list all the goodies that kids could win or purchase for an additional cost when they sign up more subscribers. Prizes included bicycles, cameras, and a chance to win a trip to Niagra Falls! Lots more period stuff was available at various cost plus a certain number of subscriptions sold. The details of how this worked are on page 639, and the “catalog” runs until page 660. I’ll leave exploring all of this fine 1920 merchandise up to you!

With this additional section, and the added color cover, this one weighs in at a full 40 pages.

  • Color Halloween Jacket, with Colgate sponsorship and Poem
  • The Strange Disappearance of Grandpa Edwards, by C.A. Stephens, Drawn by John Wolcott Adams
  • When Barbara Went to Work, by Marguerite Aspinwall, Drawn by Frank Crerie
  • An Outpost in Nigeria, by Capt. R.A. Duckworth Ford, F.R.G.S.
  • The War-Trail Fort, Ch. 7, Lame Wolf prays to his raven, by James Willard Schultz, Drawn by George Varian
  • In a Chaff Pocket, by Hugh F. Grinstead, Drawn by A.L. Ripley
  • Fact and Comment, Alexandre Millerand, The Baseball Scandal, Accidents, Our Debts and our Debtors, Horse-Chestnuts, Easy Vaccination
  • Song of the Fagots, by Louise Marshall Haynes [Ed: Word used in the classical sense, just so you know…]
  • The Magnetized Needle, Nora’s Shoes, Hunting the South American Ostrich, How a Statue is Enlarged, When the Kafirs Deserted, Military Tactics in Fishing, Clocks and Time-Tables, He Appreciated the Dinner, A Rural Touchstone
  • The Wind, by Mazie V. Caruthers
  • Rep’s Run and Polly’s Fun, by Edith Roelker, Drawings by Harriet O’Brien
  • The Guests, by Celia Thornton
  • The Miser Squirrel, by Maria Conde, Drawn by L.J. Bridgman
  • Full Page Ad For the Oliver Typewriter Company (“Was $100 before the war, now $64!”!)
  • The aforementioned offer section for young Youth’s Companion affiliate marketers! So much wonderful stuff!
  • His Master’s Telephone Number, Radium the Rare, Electricity in the Bathroom
  • Nature and Science
  • Diamond Thieves, Making Attar of Roses, They Were a Good One, Too
  • Rickets, Too Sweet, An Irascible Elephant, Confused Ideas, It Hit The Mark, As a Special Favor
  • Full Page Jell-O Ad “Never Do to be Without Jell-O!”
  • Full Page Musterole Ad “Better than a Mustard Plaster” [Ed: I guess before Vicks there was this?]