August 31st, 1838 – Vol. 12 – No. 16

The Youth's Companion - August 31st, 1838 - Vol. 12 - No. 16
  • Give Me The Sword, Child’s Annual
  • Narrative: A Thrifty Family
  • Morality: The Wise Choise; or, Greenwich Fair
  • The Nursery: Do Thyself No Harm
  • Benevolence: A Leaf From a Missionary Journal
  • Obituary: Elizabeth Tenney, (from the Watchtower) [Ed. — -That- Watchtower?]
  • Religion: The Wounded Soldier
  • Editorial: The Wood-Vine
  • Variety: The Bee and the Butterfly, from the Western Christian Advocate, “Written by a little girl nine years of age,” Glorianna H. Killbourne; Praying with the Heart, Reasoning of the Child
  • Poetry: A Child’s Garden, by Mary Hewitt