October 19th, 1838 – Vol. 12 – No. 23

The Youth's Companion - October 19th, 1838 - Vol. 12 - No. 23
  • James Happy at Work
  • Narrative: A Lost Child
  • Morality: Abundance of Blessings
  • Descriptive: Sufferings and Death of the Apostles
  • Religion: Wait For the Light
  • Sabbath School: To the Children in my Sister’s School, at B—–, Hartford, June 2, 1838; The Old Man’s Story
  • Variety: The Little Girl and the Statue, “I Just Did”, A Sailor, Bed Prayers, Singular Reason for Joining the Sabbath School
  • Poetry: A Wife’s Affection, by “Roy”; Hymn (Composed to be sung at a Juvenile Temperance Meeting.) [Ed – Wha?]; My Mother

October 12th, 1838 – Vol. 12 – No. 22

The Youth's Companion - October 12th, 1838 - Vol. 12 - No. 22
  • The Stolen Picture
  • Narrative: Emily Warner,–No. 3
  • Morality: Punctuality
  • The Nursery: The Little Girl Who Wanted None of God’s Good Things
  • Religion: A Talk About Death, A Praying Heart Will Find a Place to Pray
  • Sabbath School: Hide and Seek
  • Variety: Excerpts from “My First School Book” pub. by Perkins & Marvin: What Kitty Did, Toothache; [Unintell…], The Jew Boy, Influence of the Bible on a Sailor Boy, The Honest Effort, Ill-nature
  • Poetry: Respect for Age, by L.H.S.; A Child’s Evening Prayer, by S.S. [Sabbath School?] Teacher; I Must Be Neat, from Christian Intelligencer; Child’s Morning Prayer, from the Watchman