October 14th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 42

The Youth's Companion - October 14th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 42
  • The Perseverance Organ, by Phyllis Meredith, Drawn by A.O. Scott
  • The Giant King Ray, by Archibald Rutledge, Drawn by Forrest Orr
  • How Many Stars Are There?, by Dr. C.G. Abbot, Director, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
  • The War-Trail Fort, Ch. 6, Abbott fires into a clump of sagebrush, by James WIllard Schultz, Drawings by George Varian
  • Four Steps Across, by Russell Gordon Carter, Drawn by Lee Townsend
  • Our American Foreign Policy, The Left-Hand Drive, Self-Consciousness, Price-Fixing, Meat Eating and the Meat Industry, Anarchy
  • Our Haunted Land, by Odell Shepard
  • Your Light, Pansy and Sue, A Soldier’s Answer, Grandma’s Weasel, A Prophet in His Own Country, Another Curious Rock, Taking His Degress, Not To Be Exploited, You Cannot Live On Three Cheers, Why She Talked
  • Water, by Richard Jeffrey Brown
  • The Rose, by Mary Stanton Boutwell, Drawn by May Aiken
  • The Lost Bedquilt, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
  • A Thought, by Frances C. Hamlet
  • Old Tales Retold By Uncle Ned, VIII. The Fox and the Crow, by E.W. Kemble
  • A Fall Question, by Martha Banning Thomas
  • Family Finance, The Coming of the Mayflower: a Pilgrim Pageant, Taking the Blame, A Book Trick
  • Cranberries – Sugar and Acids, Another Trick With String, Cooking by Graded Temperature
  • Two Kinds of Evening Wrap, “Floating Islands”, Cakes That Will Quickly Disappear, Fall Sketching, Parents and the Sunday School
  • Beauty Based on Health, 1. The Value of Regular Exercise
  • Profitable Trapping, Strong Wrists, Hints For Rapid Reckoning, The Pin Sled, Slide Checkers
  • Cancellation, Aerial Fire Control
  • An Automatic Poultry Feeder, Collecting Lichens, A New Domino Game
  • A Cabinet For Home Remedies, Making Stereoscopic Photographs
  • A Position of Trust, (staff?)
  • Aphasia, After the Storm, Is the Chinese Diet Adequate?, She Took the Next Train, A Convex Canal, Not Too Sick to Make a Bull
  • Ivory Soap Flakes Full Page Ad

December 3rd, 1914 – New England Edition

The Youth's Companion - December 3rd, 1914 - New England Edition

I’ve added another issue, December 3rd, 1914’s New England Edition. To be perfectly honest I’m not sure what differentiates the NE Edition from the “Standard” edition yet, other than the inside back page has a section entitle “New England and Other Matters.” When I get some issues from the same date I might be able to make a better judgement.

Works in this issue include:

  • Ammon’s Long Whip by C.H. Claudy
  • Old Plantation Days by Archibald Rutledge
  • The Art of Conversation by Mrs. Burton Harrison
  • The “Torpedo” Girl by Gardner Hunting (Chapter 5 of 5)
  • Under the “Spouter” by Fisher Ames Jr.
  • A column on “The European War,” namely World War I.
  • A timely piece called “How to Keep Resolutions
  • A great Campbell’s Tomato Soup ad, “Under the Love-Apple Tree