November 25th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 48

The Youth's Companion - November 25th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 48
  • Western Railrod Historic Milestones Jacket
  • Wilson Ham Ad
  • The Widened Hearth, by Fannie Kilbourne, drawn by Thomas Fogarty
  • Jimmy’s Job, by Edward P. Hendrick, drawn by Rodney Thomson
  • Tales of the Big Woods, By E.E. Harriman, drawn by O.F. Howard
  • A Home For Jack-O’-Lantern, by Edna Tucker Muth, drawings by A.C. Williamson
  • Torpedoed Without Warning, Ch. 2, The crew tie a coat to an oar, by Paul Telford Platt, drawn by George Varian
  • Fact and Comment, The Election, A Solemn Responsibility, Compliment, The Economic Future of Germany, The Grafters
  • Thanksgiving and Wild Game, Current Events, The Converse “Big Nine”
  • The Old Garden, by Abbie Farwell Brown
  • A True Bibliophile, by W.E. Nesom
  • Paying the Price, Aunt Sabina Speaks, The “Lost” Portrait of Lincoln, Butter in a Bag, A Savage Duel, The Witty Prince, The Responsibility For the War, A Wonderful Opportunity, Not Excessive Cleanliness
  • Thanksgiving in Bunnytown, verses and drawing by L.J. Bridgman
  • Birch Tree, by Abbie Farwell Brown
  • The Wonder Nut, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
  • Autumn Song, by Virginia Stanard, drawings by Decie Merwin
  • The Jewelweed, by Alice W. Hamilton
  • The Companion Receipts [Recipes]
  • A Game of Proverbs
  • Convulsions in Children, Gifts and — Gifts, “Californiacs”, When Buffalo Bill Rode to Hounds, Self-Confident Young America, A Diligent Novice, Commercial Candor
  • Books That are Talked About
  • “Kodak as you go.” Full page Eastman Kodak Ad.

November 4th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 45

The Youth's Companion - November 4th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 45
  • “Announcement Number” – Describing Notable Stories and Articles for 1921
  • “The Family is the Strength of the Nation” cover jacket
  • Tam O’ Shanter Believes in Safety First, by Mabel L. Robinson, drawn by Charles M. Relyea
  • Dawn, by Lena Cagnetta, drawings by J. Scott Williams
  • The Pilgrim Adventurers, by Abbie Farwell Brown, decorations by Robert Martin
  • The War-Trail Fort, Ch. 9, Big Lake calls a council, by James Willard Schultz, drawings by George Varian
  • Kiting a Caquot, by Oran L. Raber, drawn by H.C. Edwards
  • Fact and Comment, Russia and Communism, British Liberals on Ireland, Hatred of Work, The Census, Magellan, Automobile Accidents
  • Current Events
  • November (Football), by Arthur Guiterman
  • The Root of Courage (The Story of a Corporal’s Discovery), In the Shadow, Big Betsey, A Parliament of Women, Russian Noblemen Turned Farmers, The Dowager in Cheyenne, This Must Have Been Grisi’s Company, But They Probably Were Not Linen, It Did Not Help Auntie’s Nerves
  • The Goosey Girl, by Isabel Jamison, drawn by Gertrude Koch
  • The Little Brown People, by Katherine Pope
  • Emily Speak a Piece, by Leila M. Walters
  • The Pantry Race, Verses and Drawings by L.J. Bridgman
  • The Squirrels’ Ball, by Elizabeth Heath Olmstead
  • Splendor and Tragedy, Out of Their Own Mouths, Nuts to Crack
  • Fastrunner, by Maxine Marshton, drawn by Robert Martin
  • Wasting Palsy, Snell’s Theory, Little Bards and British Bays, A Quail’s Queer Family, With Care — This Side Up, He Had All He Needed, Rebuking Childishness
  • Announcement for 1921 The Youth’s Companion, “The list of articles on this page is intended to give readers some indication of the quality and the scope of the material that The Companion plans to publish in 1921.”
  • Borden’s Eagle Brand Advertisement, “More than all other Infant foods combined”

September 23rd, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 39

The Youth's Companion - September 23rd, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 39

This time around….

  • Historic Milestones Cover, DeSoto’s Discovery of the Mississippi
  • The War-Trail Fort, Ch 3, Far Thunder rids the plains of a rascal, by James Willard Schultz
  • The New Dietetics, by Dr. C.W. Saleeby, F.R.S.Edin.,F.Z.S.
  • As Told by Mr. Tubbs, by May Kelsey Champion, drawings by R.L. Lambdin
  • A Little More, by Eleanor Ford Hay
  • A Flight From Petrograd, Ch. 6, in which the anarchists use a powerful weapon, by C.A. Stephens, drawing by G.A. Harker
  • The League of Nations, Wanted – A New English Grammar
  • Current Events
  • The Warning, by Grace Agnes Timmerman
  • Out of Setting, His Glasses Saved Him, Japanese Dress, A Family Almost Wiped Out
  • Weeding, by Isabel Jamison
  • Susie’s First Party, by Frances McKinnon Morton, drawing by Margaret Ely Webb
  • The Little Rill, by Edith Ludwell Laurence, drawing by Elizabeth C. Bower
  • The Canny Wee Scone, by Jane M. Miller
  • The Ink Well, by Abbie Farwell Brown
  • Nuts to Crack, ad for Daisy “Liquid Pistol”, The Hold-up (squirt gun!)
  • Steve Rodman’s Ordeal, uncredited
  • Typhus Fever, The White of the Egg, A Grateful Wren
  • Full-page “Instant Postum” ad