December 9th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 50

The Youth's Companion - December 9th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 50
  • Heart’s Desire, by Beth B. Gilchrist, drawings by May Aiken
  • The Fighting Visitor, by Hugh F. Grinstead, drawn by R.L. Lambdin
  • The Outwitting of Mrs. Wiersema, by J. Grace Walker, drawn by F. Strothmann
  • Economic Freedom, by Logan G. McPherson
  • Torpedoed Without Warning, Ch. 4, Things appear and vanish, by Paul Telford Platt, drawn by George Varian
  • Fact and Comment, The Partition of Turkey, Fiume, Drudgery, The “Solid South”, Seven New “Immortals”
  • Current Events
  • The Hill of Yesterday, by Gertrude West
  • The Cricket in New York, Silent Service, Inside “Old Mose’s” Trap, “Positive” Bill Heaton’s Chink, The First Oval Lathe, “Plenty, Thank You!” (Arthur Watss in London Opinion), Situations Wanted by Our Dumb Pets, An Artist’s Bank Account, A Costly Coat
  • A Ringster, by W.E. Nesom
  • Full-page Ad for The Youth’s Companion Home Calendar and Subscription Renewal
  • Family Page for December, Choosing Garments, II. Fabrics, A Sharp Razor, The Road to Fortune
  • Full-page ad for Kodak Cameras, “Among the Christmas Gifts”
  • Girl’s Page for December, Christmas Candlelight, The Gift You Have Forgotten, Distinctive Hair Ornaments, No More “Appropriate” Christmas Gifts, An Easy Way to Bind Magazines, Special Days, Other Ideas for Christmas
  • Boy’s Page for December, Profitable Trapping, III. Beaver and Otter, Developing Your Upper Arm, The Game of Checkers, A Comeback, The Expunged Figure, A Peep-Show Fox, Tiddeldywinks Baseball
  • Shock, “Tain’tasif”
  • Full-page Ad, Ivory Soap Flakes, “The safe way to wash colored blouses”

September 23rd, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 39

The Youth's Companion - September 23rd, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 39

This time around….

  • Historic Milestones Cover, DeSoto’s Discovery of the Mississippi
  • The War-Trail Fort, Ch 3, Far Thunder rids the plains of a rascal, by James Willard Schultz
  • The New Dietetics, by Dr. C.W. Saleeby, F.R.S.Edin.,F.Z.S.
  • As Told by Mr. Tubbs, by May Kelsey Champion, drawings by R.L. Lambdin
  • A Little More, by Eleanor Ford Hay
  • A Flight From Petrograd, Ch. 6, in which the anarchists use a powerful weapon, by C.A. Stephens, drawing by G.A. Harker
  • The League of Nations, Wanted – A New English Grammar
  • Current Events
  • The Warning, by Grace Agnes Timmerman
  • Out of Setting, His Glasses Saved Him, Japanese Dress, A Family Almost Wiped Out
  • Weeding, by Isabel Jamison
  • Susie’s First Party, by Frances McKinnon Morton, drawing by Margaret Ely Webb
  • The Little Rill, by Edith Ludwell Laurence, drawing by Elizabeth C. Bower
  • The Canny Wee Scone, by Jane M. Miller
  • The Ink Well, by Abbie Farwell Brown
  • Nuts to Crack, ad for Daisy “Liquid Pistol”, The Hold-up (squirt gun!)
  • Steve Rodman’s Ordeal, uncredited
  • Typhus Fever, The White of the Egg, A Grateful Wren
  • Full-page “Instant Postum” ad