December 9th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 50

The Youth's Companion - December 9th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 50
  • Heart’s Desire, by Beth B. Gilchrist, drawings by May Aiken
  • The Fighting Visitor, by Hugh F. Grinstead, drawn by R.L. Lambdin
  • The Outwitting of Mrs. Wiersema, by J. Grace Walker, drawn by F. Strothmann
  • Economic Freedom, by Logan G. McPherson
  • Torpedoed Without Warning, Ch. 4, Things appear and vanish, by Paul Telford Platt, drawn by George Varian
  • Fact and Comment, The Partition of Turkey, Fiume, Drudgery, The “Solid South”, Seven New “Immortals”
  • Current Events
  • The Hill of Yesterday, by Gertrude West
  • The Cricket in New York, Silent Service, Inside “Old Mose’s” Trap, “Positive” Bill Heaton’s Chink, The First Oval Lathe, “Plenty, Thank You!” (Arthur Watss in London Opinion), Situations Wanted by Our Dumb Pets, An Artist’s Bank Account, A Costly Coat
  • A Ringster, by W.E. Nesom
  • Full-page Ad for The Youth’s Companion Home Calendar and Subscription Renewal
  • Family Page for December, Choosing Garments, II. Fabrics, A Sharp Razor, The Road to Fortune
  • Full-page ad for Kodak Cameras, “Among the Christmas Gifts”
  • Girl’s Page for December, Christmas Candlelight, The Gift You Have Forgotten, Distinctive Hair Ornaments, No More “Appropriate” Christmas Gifts, An Easy Way to Bind Magazines, Special Days, Other Ideas for Christmas
  • Boy’s Page for December, Profitable Trapping, III. Beaver and Otter, Developing Your Upper Arm, The Game of Checkers, A Comeback, The Expunged Figure, A Peep-Show Fox, Tiddeldywinks Baseball
  • Shock, “Tain’tasif”
  • Full-page Ad, Ivory Soap Flakes, “The safe way to wash colored blouses”

October 21st, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 43

The Youth's Companion - October 21st, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 43

This issue is labelled the “regular issue” for October 21st, which means there must have been a “special issue” this week, since the page numbers appear to jump an entire issue since the 14th.

In this edition there is an additional section, where the publishers list all the goodies that kids could win or purchase for an additional cost when they sign up more subscribers. Prizes included bicycles, cameras, and a chance to win a trip to Niagra Falls! Lots more period stuff was available at various cost plus a certain number of subscriptions sold. The details of how this worked are on page 639, and the “catalog” runs until page 660. I’ll leave exploring all of this fine 1920 merchandise up to you!

With this additional section, and the added color cover, this one weighs in at a full 40 pages.

  • Color Halloween Jacket, with Colgate sponsorship and Poem
  • The Strange Disappearance of Grandpa Edwards, by C.A. Stephens, Drawn by John Wolcott Adams
  • When Barbara Went to Work, by Marguerite Aspinwall, Drawn by Frank Crerie
  • An Outpost in Nigeria, by Capt. R.A. Duckworth Ford, F.R.G.S.
  • The War-Trail Fort, Ch. 7, Lame Wolf prays to his raven, by James Willard Schultz, Drawn by George Varian
  • In a Chaff Pocket, by Hugh F. Grinstead, Drawn by A.L. Ripley
  • Fact and Comment, Alexandre Millerand, The Baseball Scandal, Accidents, Our Debts and our Debtors, Horse-Chestnuts, Easy Vaccination
  • Song of the Fagots, by Louise Marshall Haynes [Ed: Word used in the classical sense, just so you know…]
  • The Magnetized Needle, Nora’s Shoes, Hunting the South American Ostrich, How a Statue is Enlarged, When the Kafirs Deserted, Military Tactics in Fishing, Clocks and Time-Tables, He Appreciated the Dinner, A Rural Touchstone
  • The Wind, by Mazie V. Caruthers
  • Rep’s Run and Polly’s Fun, by Edith Roelker, Drawings by Harriet O’Brien
  • The Guests, by Celia Thornton
  • The Miser Squirrel, by Maria Conde, Drawn by L.J. Bridgman
  • Full Page Ad For the Oliver Typewriter Company (“Was $100 before the war, now $64!”!)
  • The aforementioned offer section for young Youth’s Companion affiliate marketers! So much wonderful stuff!
  • His Master’s Telephone Number, Radium the Rare, Electricity in the Bathroom
  • Nature and Science
  • Diamond Thieves, Making Attar of Roses, They Were a Good One, Too
  • Rickets, Too Sweet, An Irascible Elephant, Confused Ideas, It Hit The Mark, As a Special Favor
  • Full Page Jell-O Ad “Never Do to be Without Jell-O!”
  • Full Page Musterole Ad “Better than a Mustard Plaster” [Ed: I guess before Vicks there was this?]

July 8th, 1920 – Vol. 94 – No. 28

The Youth's Companion - July 8th, 1920 - Vol. 94 - No. 28
  • John Baring’s House by Elsie Singmaster (Ch. 1)
  • The Unpardonable Sin by C.A. Stephens
  • Working Your Way Through College by Frederick Paul Keppel (Ch. 2 of 2)
  • New Tales of Ajumba by Thomas S. Miller (Ch. IV?)
  • Down Hazel Hill by Hugh F. Grinstead
  • a couple of articles about the 1920 Presidential elections
  • Baseball for All the Family, A Window Sleeping Tent
  • The Girls’ and Boys’ pages for July